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Richard Mille Replica Watch 511.72BJ.91-1 RM 011 NTPT Carbon Black Night

Please post any Capital Match topics that you want to discuss with the local p2p community.
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Richard Mille Replica Watch 511.72BJ.91-1 RM 011 NTPT Carbon Black Night

Postby ailsa » Fri Jun 14, 2019 1:35 pm

Richard Miller provides us with a luxurious "bearing" You will be amazed by the visual and tactile qualities of the RM 009 case. richard mille bubba watson ,It is neither like metal nor mineral, but looks and feels like it was made from solid space rock. Picking it up, you will be shocked that such a large muscle shell is almost completely weightless. How powerful is it? From a scientific point of view, ALUSIC's mechanical properties are as follows: even at temperatures up to 300 ° C or 572 ° F, it has extremely high stiffness, excellent wear resistance and continuous flawless performance.

We can report that there are absolutely no signs of stress or wear when using a bottle opener or throwing them onto a concrete floor in an attempt to scratch a box. For us, RM 009 represents a revolution in luxury because it is the first advanced tourbillon tourbillon that can be worn every day but never ages or shows any significant wear. With RM 009, Richard Miller, the uncompromising master, gave us timeless luxury, which is his true

Light and shock resistant - in the sports building of RM 009

Looking for materials
The logic determines that the world's lightest watch will have the lightest movement in the world. As a result, Mille decided to take the movement in his already lightweight RM 006 and take it to a new extreme by hollowing it out to the bare minimum frame required to maintain its high level of impact resistance. At the same time, Mille is looking for an unprecedented lightweight material that he can use to make this movement. Mille presented this challenge to Giulio Papi, one of the world's greatest watchmakers.

At first Papi naturally favored titanium, but he was not satisfied. He explained: “We asked the metallurgical laboratory about the lightest and most durable materials in the world. They sent us a list. We were surprised that this list consisted entirely of different types of aluminum. At first we were very happy.” However, there is a problem. Papi explained that as the age increases, the tolerance of aluminum deteriorates because its mass slowly turns into a gas. Fortunately, Papi encountered a compound called aluminum lithium, which lost a small amount of gas, converted into an infinite fatigue life and excellent stability, and it can be processed into a base plate (unlike ALUSIC).

Aluminum lithium is the material of choice for movement panels. Papi also used a proprietary aluminum movement made by a brand called Anti-Corodal for the movement. “The material is also lightweight, durable, and has the added advantage of producing little friction,” he points out. Each of these special aluminum wheels must be electrically etched instead of swiss replica watches

Optimize stiffness through plate design
When making most of the hollowing out, the focus is on creating visual flourishness, opening the action to the owner's eyes, but in the RM 009 movement, the goal is more practical. The goal of Giulio Papi is to remove as much material as possible to optimize the lightness of the movement while still maintaining a high level of strength and impact resistance. This can only be achieved by rethinking the skeleton process. Instead of simply removing the material, Papi creates separate bridges for the skeletal buildings, each using a building reinforcement technology that uses boxed parts. To enhance the bending of the sheet in the horizontal plane, Papi adds extra "ribs" to support its ethereal frame to resist replica watches review

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