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Emmanuel Ogbah to miss Sunday’s game with ankle injury

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Emmanuel Ogbah to miss Sunday’s game with ankle injury

Postby liny195 » Mon Jan 14, 2019 4:15 pm

The Cleveland Browns will be without starting defensive end Emmanuel Ogbah on Sunday when they face the New Orleans Saints. Ogbah will miss the game with an ankle sprain he suffered late in the first quarter of the Week 1 game against the Pittsburgh Steelers. While Ogbah came back in that game Youth Emmanuel Ogbah Jersey , he was limited to just 27 games and was spotted at team headquarters on Monday in a walking boot.As if that was not enough, starting linebacker Christian Kirksey is questionable as he works his way through shoulder and ankle injuries: Kirksey has not missed a game in his NFL career, so it would be surprising if he is not on the field come kickoff on Sunday.The Browns will turn to defensive end Chris Smith, signed in the offseason as a free agent from the Cincinnati Bengals, and Anthony Zettel, claimed off waivers from the Detroit Lions prior to the season opener, in Ogbah’s absence. It should also open up additional pass rushing opportunities for rookie linebacker Genard Avery.Fortunately for the Browns and Ogbah, the third-year defensive end avoided a high-ankle sprain, which would have landed him on the sidelines for multiple weeks. However, with the Browns following up the game against the Saints with a home game against the New York Jets on September 20 - just four days later - it is a distinct possibility that Ogbah will not return to the field until the September 30 game against the Oakland Raiders. It’s disappointing to think of Ogbah missing a pair of games, but if it helps him be healthy for the rest of the season that would help ease the pain. This week, the Cleveland Browns take on the Los Angeles Chargers in Week 6 of the NFL regular season. Our game predictions are below (our apologies, we did not have time for a positional preview this week).PredictionsHere are predictions from multiple staff members at DBN.Chris Pokorny: “The Chargers have taken advantage of some weaker opponents with a fantastic start to the year by QB Philip Rivers, and he always gets rid of the ball quickly. It won’t be easy getting pressure on the veteran quarterback, so Cleveland will have to rely plenty on their coverage. I see this game being another strong defensive effort by the Browns, with the offense coming through on some more opportunities than they did a week ago.” Browns 24 Youth Nick Chubb Jersey , Chargers 14.Matt Wood: “Browns slow this one down and try and play keep away from Rivers. Philip gets his at times but the Browns get more.” Browns 31, Chargers 20.Josh Finney: “I’m 0-2 when I predict a Browns loss, so I’ll take the Chargers. This one should be a boat race, and come down to whoever makes the most Brownsy mistake or has the ball last.” Chargers 37, Browns 34.Mike Hoag: “The Browns have been hard to predict so far after having played in three overtimes already, and none of their first five games have been decided by more than four points. Philip Rivers is a ‘suped’ up version of Derek Carr, with tons more experience, more arm, and more weapons. Through five games he is leading the NFL in passer rating when pressured. And the Chargers defense has been pretty good despite missing key players. Joey Bosa will not travel to Cleveland in Week 6, so he won’t make his season debut in Ohio.Missing both starting tackles Joe Barksdale and Russell Okung last week--both questionable to play in Cleveland--Rivers diced up the Oakland Raiders for 333 yards and two touchdowns. Okung may be back this week, but either way expect Gregg Williams to exploit that vulnerability and pray his secondary can play physical and disciplined coverage to take away his intermediate routes. Getting pressure on Rivers isn’t enough, there has to be that assignment discipline as he will find the open players quickly once he feels heat.Cleveland has something going for it that it hasn’t had in a very long time, though, a quarterback that can answer scores from a quick-strike offense. Baker Mayfield will be the difference in this game, and the Browns defense will do enough to pass its biggest test to date.” Browns 27, Chargers 24.Thomas Moore: “The Browns could have stumbled last week against the Baltimore Ravens but found a way to grit out an overtime win that Youth David Njoku Jersey , in the past, would surely have been a loss. That is a sign that things are finally starting to trend in the right direction.The next step is stringing together two consecutive wins and this Sunday presents a great opportunity to do that. The Chargers have major issues along the offensive line that the Browns should be able to exploit, even with Philip Rivers running the show for the Chargers. While not as stout as Baltimore, the Chargers still have a respectable defense, but one that is giving up 26 points a game, so there should be opportunities for the Browns to get something going on offense. It won’t be easy - because nothing with this team ever is - but the Browns will wake up Monday morning still unbeaten at home this season.” Browns 17, Chargers 14.rufio: “No Bosa, no starting offensive tackles means the Browns win the battle in the trenches. Myles Garrett gets at least 2 sacks, and Baker starts eliminating mistakes while still making big plays. That Rivers guy is pretty good, and the Browns’ D surrenders 4-5 big plays but Baker and the offense outscore him.” Browns 37, Chargers 31.Ezweav: “The Curse is none too amused either by our having found our franchise quarterback or (especially) our overcoming everything arrayed against us to pull out that victory over it’s favored demon-spawn last Sunday. This week we will get our regularly schedule comeuppance.I expect us to put up a fair amount of points while giving up a fair amount more. Baker will drive the team down to the 1 yard line with 10 seconds left down by 5, and with one chance to put it in the end zone we will end around to Streater.” Chargers 32, Browns 27.Who do you think will win, Browns fans? Let us know in the comments section below. Custom Arizona Cardinals Jerseys

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Re: Emmanuel Ogbah to miss Sunday’s game with ankle injury

Postby velithdra » Thu Feb 07, 2019 12:15 am

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