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Need suggestion for buying a condo

Here is the place to discuss real estate crowdfunding.
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Need suggestion for buying a condo

Postby DennisVeal » Sun Jan 13, 2019 4:59 pm

Hi all,

I’ve been looking into buying a pre-construction condos from Markham as an investment and just have some questions about the process and realtors in general.. First time home buyer..
What can I expect for closing fees? No realtor has been able to give me a clear answer and always tell me between 2-5% but that 3% difference is a lot of money...
How do these realtors and brokers get paid? I've asked we have to pay a realtor fee for their services and they said the developer pays them. I"m guessing this is included in the listing price?
Are VIP/Platinum/Friends and Family access just marketing? The few realtors I've been to all gave me "special" access for discounted price but all of their prices are the same.
Are the condo prices negotiable? So far every realtor has given us the exact same number and all said no discounts...

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