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Debt consolidation options available in Brampton

Here is the place to discuss equity crowdfunding.
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Debt consolidation options available in Brampton

Postby sterlingcallahan » Fri May 11, 2018 11:33 am

Hi friends,

I'm facing the worst and the most challenging phase for the past few weeks. I lost my job due to the recession. My brother is spending too much money on weekend getaways and trips. Due to the huge expenses and job loss, I'm struggling to make monthly payments including debts of credit cards and mortgages.

I have found that debt consolidation is the practical solution to this problem. Consolidating debt can help us manage the budget and get out of debt faster. It would effectively bring all the debts together into one combined loan with a single monthly payment. The debt consolidation can save money by reducing the interest rate.

My credit score is directly impacted by the job loss. Does debt consolidation work in my case? It's very important to request the debt consolidation advice from a trusted financial professional before agreeing to a new contract. I'm planning to have a talk with a credit counselor regarding debt consolidation options available in Brampton and nearby. Hope you would share your opinions and suggestions soon.

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