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Please post any New Union topics that you want to discuss with the local p2p community.
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Postby dorian0 » Mon Mar 11, 2019 6:00 pm

Though I’ve been an ardent fan of cannabis for over a while, I only started vaping it few years ago. Such a shame it took so long for me to realize a better way to consume my cannabis. Perhaps, like many others, I was so engrossed in smoking cannabis that I was blinded to the benefits of investing in a vaporizer. But there’s no going back, not after experiencing the numerous benefits of vaping as against smoking. You won’t turn back too, after reading this!

Popular researches prove the benefits of vaping over smoking cannabis. Though smoking weed isn’t nearly as dangerous a vice, there are several reasons for even the most occasional stoner to consider the upgrade from smoking to vaping cannabis.

Healthier: One significant benefit of vaping cannabis over smoking it, is that it’s lung-healthy and better for your health in the long-term. Medical experts recommend vaping as one of the safest methods of cannabis consumption as it produces a pure, clean vapor. This vapor contains the active medical components compare to the harmful by-products associated with smoking it.

Enhanced assimilation: Another wonderful benefit is that the effects are felt much faster than with smoking, as it sends a direct shot to your bloodstream via the lungs. For those of you seeking instant relief from pain, anxiety, stress or nausea, you should consider vaping your cannabis. There’s no filtering system to get in the way as you vape, so you get a quicker and stronger onset of the effects.

More convenient and environmentally friendly: Ever walked past a chain cannabis smoker? Unless you’re one already, you must have definitely been repulsed by the odor. Even most workplaces have strict policies for employee drug consumption. The truth is that most people are offended by the distinct smell associated with cannabis smoking. You can avoid this by vaping your cannabis. Unlike smoking, vaping produces a practically odorless vapor which dissipates almost instantly, eliminating any odor-related concerns.

As stated earlier, while some vapes could be an initial investment, they are economical in the long-term, as you only need to burn less cannabis to get just as high. Studies show that vaporizers convert 46% of the available THC into vapor, compared to the less than 26% converted by smoking. This means that you get almost twice as much result from vaping $40 worth of cannabis than you get from smoking cannabis of the same worth.

Other alluring benefits of vaping over smoking cannabis are that vapes are more portable, tolerated and convenient to use, and they also come in a variety of nice flavors.

So, if you’re still smoking cannabis instead of vaping it, you’ve been searching for diamonds in a pile of gold. Why not switch to vaporizers today?

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Postby NinaGood » Mon Mar 11, 2019 6:08 pm

Thanks for the post! I never smoke cannabis in any way, I even never tried medical marijuana to ease some of my chronic pains and stimulate my low appetite (should I?). But I do use cannabis oil for aroma therapy and even add some drops to food, it is really useful. As for your post, I guess It refers not to cannabis only, but to smoking in general I think. Vaping is safer, socially aceptable, smells cool, costs less. I understand it is not 100% investigated yet, but it is literally has no side affects. Vaping is also cheap and it is not a secret, my last purchase is and I did it 2 months ago.

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Postby velithdra » Sat Apr 20, 2019 3:19 pm

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