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Best mortgage rates in Edmonton

Here is the place to discuss equity crowdfunding.
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Best mortgage rates in Edmonton

Postby MICHAELHEINRICH » Fri Feb 23, 2018 2:22 pm

I am currently running a garage in Edmonton. Last year I had a sudden need for some money. Since I had no other way I took a personal loan. Now It is killing me the amount to be paid every month is huge according to my current financial status. I already have a mortgage for my house. My friend told me that I will be able to convert the personal loan into a mortgage. A decrease in the monthly payments can be a real help for me. I read these services are called and they can be done really easily.
But I still have a few doubts. Who do I have to do such a service? My personal loan and mortgage are from banks can they provide this services or will I have to look for mortgage brokers. If yes, please suggest some. I have already looked for so a broker who provides debt consolidation services and found this one who claims to offer the best mortgage rates in Edmonton. If anyone has experience with them any others in Edmonton please advise.

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