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Needs help regarding property tax payment in Toronto

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Needs help regarding property tax payment in Toronto

Postby Alison21 » Thu Feb 01, 2018 2:45 pm

Hi guys,

It was a long-term dream of me and Ferrick to own a cute little home near the banks of Niagara. With God's grace, we could buy a new home one year back.

Unfortunately, I met with a truck accident while driving late night after a Bachelorette party of my college mate. I lost my left leg and my left eye was also severely injured. I was under the treatment of Dr. Andrew Merkur; an amazing Ophthalmologist who saved my vision.

Actually, I was receiving notifications from CRA regarding tax payments. At this period, I didn't pay my tax properly and I ignored all their notifications as there was no one to care me as I'm a chronic alcoholic and was completely excluded from my family. I used to behave wildly when I'm badly drunken.

I thought Ferrick is the best person ever I found, but I was mistaken...he left me when I fell injured and I came to know that he married a gorgeous Dutch lady recently. Even now, I just wish you knew what I feel about you Ferrick...that's it. I'm extremely sorry if I'm being too much emotional....

Life had taught me many lessons throughout this 24-year old long journey. Now I'm facing some trouble regarding tax payments. I'm afraid that I may be charged some penalty.

I'm planning to seek help from a company offering property tax payment plan in Toronto. Kindly let me know your opinions about them. Why, because I can't go through any further hardships and complications regarding this.

Thanks for your patience to read my thread.Hope you will suggest suitable solutions too.

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